The World of The Secret World

[edit] The Modern World, With a Twist

FunCom's newest entry into the MMO scene is the modern-day espionage/horror game The Secret World that was revealed at PAX 2009 in a press conference so packed the PR guy had to tuck in behind a monitor with one foot in a cardboard box. In it the world is split into the surface world with three human factions, the mysterious Dragons and their Eastern magics, the scheming Illuminati with their secrets, and the noble Templar. Each faction is vying for supremacy and power, competing with each other in a struggle that goes back through history in a mostly competetive/sporting manner. The other half of the world is the monster-fill underworld of Agartha where the organizations battle environmental hazards and monsters to control defensible hive structures that allow you to harvest Anima for your faction.

From the PAX 2009 coverage: "Playing the game you start as a society initiate and slowly gain ranks within your society. You can also start Cabals, guilds, and individual cabals can gain rank as well. There are no classes to choose from at character creation, instead you choose from the available powers to build the kind of character you want to play. Then there are missions both on the surface world and in Agartha. On the surface there is some gentlemanly competition between the societies and you may end up with a mission to sneak into an opposition HQ to plant your societies flag on their roof or something similar. However, once you enter the hollow earth, the competition gets much more fierce and more heavily PvE as monsters start working on that tearing-you-limb-from-limb thing. There are also non-combat missions that revolve around exploring the mysterious hollow earth, and investigating strange occurrences on the surface world."

[edit] Places of Interest

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